London Newborn Photography: Before/After Editing!


What many don’t think about when comparing Belgian newborn photographers is to check if the photographer edits all the photos and is experienced with editing. Many of my clients don’t even know that extensive editing is involved until I tell them at their session! I spend approximately 10 hours editing your images to make baby look as beautiful as possible (without the milk spots, baby acne, red and flakey skin that spring up), editing my hands/feet out of images (hands are always near or on baby for safety) and extending backdrops etc. Editing takes many more hours than our actual session and I spend about 15 hours on every newborn in total.

One of my favourite things to do is sit down with a cup of tea at my desk and edit a session! I also love going through a session and picking my favourites! Here is a before/after to show you what a beanbag posed shot typically looks like before and after editing. Skin tone is adjusted, spots are removed, backdrop is extended and wrinkles removed. The overall tone of the image is also corrected. Many many cups of tea later, you have a beautiful gallery to choose your images from!