London Newborn & Baby Photographer: 10 Things You May Not Know About Me!


As I often hide behind my images, I thought I’d share 10 random facts about me today so you can get to know the photographer behind the images!

1.) I’m Canadian- I’m from a very small town in Ontario, Canada! I miss Canadian treats like Tostitoes, Kraft Dinner, Ketchup Chips, Tim Hortons and David’s Tea!

2.) I’m allergic to the cold- Yes, very ironic, a Canadian who actually breaks out in hives when exposed to the cold.

3.) I’m the proud owner of two Siberian Cats- Byron & Marlowe. They are my life and keep me company during my many many hours of editing.

4.) My favourite food is pizza- I would have it every night if I could!

5.) I take my tea very very milky. If you think you’ve put lots of milk in, pour some more just to be safe! I’m also a chain tea drinker, continuous cups of tea for me!

6.) I’m terribly shy but when I’m working my passion shines through so I overcome it.

7.) I’m a shopping addict- This job is a pretty good excuse to shop (I always need more props)! I’ve replaced my love of buying frivolous clothing and makeup with prop buying!

8.) I have a super tiny family- Only two siblings and two cousins! I think this and being away from family is why photography is so important to me. I love recording those fleeting moments, always have!

9.) My minor in University was in Fine Art and I focused on painting- since pursuing photography I haven’t properly picked up a paint brush in years!

10.) I Love my job and give my heart and soul to it!