London Maternity Photography in the Studio


Did you know I do Mini Maternity Sessions? I love these as they are a taste of your experience while pregnant and aren’t an overwhelming session if you are camera shy. One hour long and including 7 images, mini maternity sessions are easy and quick for you. Choose from an array of maternity dresses and whether you would like an outdoor maternity session or a studio maternity session. Maternity sessions are best done from 32-34 weeks pregnant so we can safely do them before baby arrives! I made the mistake of scheduling one at 35 weeks recently and the little one decided to arrive on the day of her maternity session!

Maternity photography is a celebration of what your body can do. They are a celebration of motherhood and the amazing miracle that is a woman’s body! They capture such a unique and special time in your life, memories you will never get back again and will cherish forever. Sometimes clients are hesitant to do a maternity session as they are camera shy, aren’t comfortable in their growing body and don’t want all the focus on them. However, I believe these are beautiful memories that you will look back on fondly and deserve to be captured for you and your children.

I find once clients arrive at the studio or on location, all their fears go away once they realise I help direct them on posing and they don’t have to think about much. I also like to place importance on your growing bump as that’s the reason we are doing the session and this focus helps give nervous clients something to take their mind off the camera!

To book your maternity photography session in my London newborn photography studio please email me at