London Newborn Photography: In The Studio


I think maternity photography is a bit like marmite- you either love it or hate it. So many of my clients hate the focus being on just them so they skip a maternity session but I truly see the amazing value in it. It’s such an amazing time in your life that goes by so fast, then once baby arrives it all goes even faster! As I’m experiencing pregnancy myself for the first time, I’ve realised how truly fast the 9 months flies by (I’m already over halfway now) and will miss my growing bump once baby arrives! Photography is capturing a moment in time that you want to preserve forever and I think it is so valuable to have the images of yourself pregnant to look back on, even if you only look back on them when you are old and grey!

1.) It’s not a selfie- How many selfies using your phone in front of a mirror do you have of your growing bump? I tell you I have some truly awful ones- double chin, blurry and not even centred (my husband jokes that I am the worst phone photographer ever, kind of ironic). I will be getting a professional maternity photography session done just so I don’t remember my time while pregnant as having a massive double chin in an awkward blurry selfie haha!

2.) Turn it into a family session- Maternity sessions aren’t just about you but can incorporate your husband and any children you already have. This way it is a celebration of your new arrival and is an excuse to get family images done before the new arrival comes!

3.) How many times in your life will you be pregnant?- This is such a unique time in your life, one that you may only experience only once or twice so it is such a lovely time to capture in your life as you grow and change! I feel so incredibly lucky to be pregnant so I want to capture this time and remember it forever.