What is Lifestyle Family Photography?

Lifestyle family photography captures my heart because it focuses on the real moments in those first few years of becoming a parent. I travel to your home and capture those early days so you can remember those tiny toes, baby’s first bath, raspberry kisses and endless cuddles. The nights might be long in those first few months but oh man are the years short. I’m there to capture those early days when you are in a sleepless haze so you can be brought back to those beautiful memories of when your beautiful baby fit in your arms. 

I capture any age in a lifestyle session- newborn, baby, toddlers and all family. Each stage is so important to capture and freeze in time.

Lifestyle family photography sessions are a great way to incorporate your home, where your little one grew up and all the memories surrounding that home. It’s an opportunity to capture all the little moments of your day, like cuddling in bed, nap time, bath time and include your pets as well! Lifestyle family photography is great for those who love natural images and no extra props or simply want a change of style. I love lifestyle family photography for babies as it’s easy for them- they don’t have to pose and to them it just feel like a regular day of cuddles, laughter and fun in your home. There’s no forcing baby to pose- just raw, real and natural images.


What is Lifestyle Family Photography?

What is Family Lifestyle Photography? Lifestyle family photography is natural, unposed photography that can be done in your home or outdoors. It aims to be completely simple, natural, emotive and capture your family interacting. For my lifestyle family photography sessions I come to your home in London to take the pressure off you after you’ve just had a brand new baby. You are tired after giving birth, still sorting out feeding (and sleeping) and can barely move in those early days! This way I can capture you at your best and most natural.

You don’t have to worry about getting ready to leave for a studio session, you can just get up and do your newborn photography session in the comfort of your home. Lifestyle newborn photography sessions capture those early days in a simple and raw way. They are unposed and aim to capture those normal everyday activities that feel so precious in the early days. Cuddles, kisses, feeding baby and all the new love that has enveloped your brand new family.


Capturing important memories with Family Photography

I love capturing lifestyle family photography sessions of young babies in their first home as it will be something they can look back on in years to come and remember. Their first home will be the one where they learn to sit, crawl and take their first steps. It might hold a growth chart on the walls (my own mother captured us growing on the trim of a doorway and all the marks from the three of us growing up are still there now.

Lifestyle family photography is about memories and moments, not poses, props or artificial moments. Lifestyle family photography seeks to capture raw, real moments in those early days. The days that will fly by in a sleepless blur until you notice your little one doesn’t have her fuzzy little ears anymore or her birthmark has faded completely. But photography captures it all so you don’t forget.

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