London Family Photographer: Summer days.

Seriously, where does time go? My little sister (pictured here) is going to be 13 soon. Thirteen. A teenager. On June 30th. She’s got Instagram, inside jokes with her friends and has her own little life now. I remember every second of watching her come into this world and remember the first time I held her, I remember thinking her little button nose was so soft. I’m so happy that as a photographer I’ve been able to record so many amazing moments for her to look back on and for my mum to cherish. I love looking back on how much she’s changed and getting nostalgic over when she was teeny tiny like the newborns I photograph. I didn’t know then that photographs of her would mean even more to me because I had to move an ocean away while she stayed in Canada. They are so so precious.

Did you know I do family photography as well as newborns and maternity? I adore outdoor family sessions. I love following children around while they do their thing, capturing the natural moments and their little personalities (in my sister’s case, twirling around and dancing in her “poofy” dress). Capturing memories doesn’t just stop at the newborn stage, record every moment!