London family Photography: Coming to the Studio With a Newborn


Prior to having their newborn, clients often fear that coming to the studio after just having a baby will be too difficult or too stressful. I try to assure clients that a session with me isn’t stressful as I do everything and am so used to working with newborns. I know it is all new for you as a new parent but I photograph 3-5 newborns per week and have done so for the last 4 years so I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years! I try to make a newborn session in my London newborn photography studio as stress-free as possible! Newborns love the car and because we do the session when they are just a few weeks old, this is a bit easier because they often sleep the whole time!


When you arrive at my studio we start by checking if baby needs a feed or a change. Don’t worry, I have extra nappies and wipes on hand should we need them! I plan our session out the night before in the greatest detail possible so that our session flows easily and there is as minimal movement for baby as possible. The way I set up everything for a smooth studio session just isn’t possible for a home session and I find babies are more relaxed in my studio because I have the temperature controlled and a smooth workflow to ease baby into each next set up. I do everything in the session aside from feeding baby as I know as new parents you are exhausted, so feel free to relax on the couch. Many parents even fall asleep because they are so relaxed! Being a newborn photographer is so much more than knowing how to use a camera, it also all about soothing and comforting baby. I’m so experienced with newborns that you can trust your baby is in safe hands!


My London newborn photography studio has all the necessities that I can’t bring to your home like backdrops for family portraits, my large professional umbrella studio light (it’s 5 ft across!), my posing beanbag for safe posing of baby and my wooden backdrop where I do my favourite bucket poses! A professional newborn photographer’s studio has all the essentials to make a newborn session stress-free and look amazing!