London Family Outdoor Photographer


Meet my little sister Kaylee (I’m older by 17 years)! She is the reason photography is so important to me! I always get asked why I started newborn photography, well she is my “why”. When my mum was still pregnant with Kaylee, she caught Fifth Disease, now Fifth Disease is not dangerous unless you get it while pregnant. As my mum was pregnant and caught it, Kaylee became very sick in utero and this caused swelling in her brain. Doctors had to remove the fluid in her brain (very scary stuff at the time) and she would have died if they hadn’t caught it in time. Once we were over that stressful experience, the next one came when she was born. My mum has a blood disease called ITP which causes low platelets, this is passed onto a baby for the first few months of their life but eventually this goes away and they are perfectly normal after. When Kaylee was born her platelets were so low that she could have had bleeding in the brain. This resulted in many many emergency trips to a specialist hospital an hour away in the city for 6 months or so. As Kaylee almost didn’t survive twice, she is very special to us and she has made me realise the great importance of capturing all of those memories and fleeting moments through photography as she’s grown up.

Here’s Kaylee now, thirteen- an avid reader, a little fashionista, a skilled Scottish Highland Dancer and a drama queen (seriously, I think she will become a famous actress). Kaylee is why I love photographs and why I understand how tough it is having a newborn in those first few weeks, as she didn’t have an easy start to this world.

I often get asked if I do family photography and here it is- I love capturing older children too. I find most people invest in photography sessions when their children are under the age of one but all ages are so important, even the gawky early teenage years!