London Family Photography: Summer Outdoors Session

London-newborn-photography-393 London-newborn-photography-394Here is a sneak peek of a family photography session I did on the weekend in the beautiful New Forest while visiting family! I’m still working on the rest of the images but I thought I’d share these two cousins together!  I have so many more good ones to share very soon! I love spending weekends in the New Forest with it’s gorgeous scenery, sometimes it feels so good to get out of the city!

While you see a lot of newborn photography on my website, my first photography love was children and family photography. There’s nothing I love more than capturing siblings and families together because I know how important these images are when everyone is grown up! As I’m from Canada and living away from my family, I love going home each year to capture our family photographs which I treasure so much.  My favourite type of family photography session is a relaxed and natural outdoors session. Children feel more comfortable outdoors where they can run around and act goofy while you photograph them. I love capturing children being themselves!

It is so important to capture your family all together, get in those pictures and make sure to print them! I’ve noticed the alarming trend that iPhone photography has brought us, instant images that no one prints. They may sit on your “cloud” or hard drive for ages and never get printed or worse, they may get lost! The trouble with phone pictures is that you are rarely in them except for the odd “selfie” with your child and there are rarely whole family images. Make a point of getting in those images with your children, they will love you for it later!

Would you like a family photography session? I have a great outdoor location near my London newborn photography studio that I adore doing Autumn family images in! Email me at to book your family photography session!