London Children & Family Photographer


I’m from a tiny town in Ontario, Canada called Palgrave. Palgrave had a population of… Sometimes I’m flabbergasted that it’s been 5 years since I left my tiny town and moved to London, England. I remember thinking when I was little that id be completely happy living there forever if I could. Palgrave is one of the safest villages in Canada and when I was little people didn’t even lock their doors. As kids we’d roam the neighbourhood and the trails, exploring and bonding with friends. It was safe, comfortable and an amazing place to grow up.

In Palgrave I started my love for photography, taking images on the trails and in the forests of any willing subject (my little sister, my dog and sometimes my brother and his girlfriend). It was just pure fun then and I wasn’t very good but when I loaded the images onto my computer my heart would race as I’d be so excited to see what I got. I never thought I’d leave the safe confines of Palgrave, especially not for a city as I’d always considered myself a country person. When I was little we used to visit my father’s family in England and always had my heart set on living in a flat in London. I was 8 years old and I remember visualising it so clearly. The power of visualisation and a positive mindset is amazing because here I am, living in London for 5 years with Starbucks and every convenience a 2 min walk away. It’s a long way from Palgrave, Ontario but it’s still in my heart 🙂

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