London Cake Smash: First Year Birthday







A cake smash (or smash the cake) photography session is the perfect way to capture your little one turning one year old! What is a “cake smash”? A cake smash is a photography session with your one year old where they eat and mash up a cake. The session can have a theme or specific colour and centres around your little one eating cake and getting messy! The session includes portraits as well before they get messy with cake. One year olds are notoriously hard to photograph, what makes it easier? Cake! If your one year old has tried cake before (please make sure they do before the session), the cake provides a fun and messy distraction from being photographed. We capture them mesmerised by the cake and it is so cute to watch how messy they get!

I love seeing newborns I’ve photographed come back for a cake smash session as it is truly remarkable how much they grow in their first year! I am always amazed when I get to see my little clients again by how much they have grown! I photographed this little girl when she was under two weeks old and it was so nice to see her again. She is such a friendly and affectionate little thing but to be honest, she wanted nothing to do with the cake because she didn’t want her hands getting dirty. Too cute!

To book your cake smash session please email Cake smash sessions are best done in the month prior to your child turning one.