London Baby Photographer: How Do We Schedule An Exact Date for A Newborn Photography Session?


The number one question I get asked when my clients first enquire is, “How do we plan an exact newborn photography session date when we don’t know exactly when baby will arrive?” I am so used to babies arriving early and late, they can be rather unpredictable! I try to be as flexible as I can for my pre-booked clients and the way I do this is by booking the newborn in for the approximate month they are due in. I only book 12 newborns per month to give me enough wiggle room if baby arrives early or two weeks late. Then once you are pre-booked in, I ask that you contact me within 48 hours of giving birth and then we schedule an exact date in. I know many worry about not being well enough or having time to contact me within 48 hours of giving birth (after all, it’s a huge deal) but I find most of my clients have so much adrenaline and are so excited that they message me right away! Depending how baby and mum are feeling we then book in an exact date that works for everyone!