London Baby Photographer: What Happens After Our Newborn Photography Session?


What we do during our 3-4 hour newborn photography session in my London newborn photography studio is pretty obvious, but what happens after our newborn session?

After our session is where the magic (and most time spent) happens! This is where I go through your images, take out all the unusable ones (blinks, blurry etc) and select the images for your gallery. Then I spend many many hours editing each image to my own personal editing style that I have developed over the years. To a photographer, not editing their images is like a baker just mixing up the ingredients of a cake and not baking it. A professional photographer sees editing images in their own style to be just as important as taking the images. What do I do when I edit my images? First I take out my feet/hands that end up in my images with newborns, I extend backdrops, I adjust exposure and colour correct. Then comes the tricky part, baby skin! Newborn skin can be the trickiest to edit as they don’t come out as porcelain and smoothed-skin as we think! Newborns can be very red, jaundice, spotty and flakey as their skin adjusts to the outside world. I then adjust the images stylistically how I like them to finish off my images.

Look at this gorgeous girl’s face! I love the cute faces newborns make in this potato sack pose!

It is best to book your due date while still pregnant (I recommend booking in when you are 12-20 weeks pregnant) to secure your spot. It is best to secure a spot early as I do book up quickly and only take a limited amount of newborns per month to allow for flexibility with early/ late births. As newborns are best photographed from 5-14 days old while they are super cuddly and sleepy, it is important to set aside the time to secure a session (although I photograph newborns up to a month old).

Email me at to secure your session! I’m booking into Autumn 2017!