London Baby Photography: What To Expect in Our Newborn Photography Session


Hiring a newborn photographer can be a scary thing. After all, when we do the session you will have just given birth and will be getting to know your little one! It can be hard adjusting to lack of sleep and feeding schedules (especially as in those first few weeks there isn’t any routine), never mind smiling for pictures! A session with a newborn photographer is quite an intimate experience as you are entrusting someone to handle, soothe and pose your precious newborn and you spend about 3-4 hours with them. I try to make the newborn photography session as comforting and relaxing as possible by planning out everything to the very last detail. I have everything set up the night before our session so I can carefully plan out the smoothest transitions for baby (as going from one set up to the next can be rather disruptive to a baby if it isn’t planned out carefully). I try to plan sessions out so there is as limited movement for baby as possible and so we can as many beautiful set ups as we can during the session.

When you first arrive there is time to feed and change baby if needed and then we start the session! If baby is hungry or just needs a bit of comfort feeding in the middle of the session I always listen to baby’s needs and stop whenever is needed. Sometimes all they need is a bit of cuddle time! I’m very experienced with newborns (I’ve photographed hundreds and hundreds) so all you need to do during the session is relax on the sofa and watch your adorable baby! I always say, “Baby is boss” and we listen to their needs during the session!