Crafty Ways to Record Baby’s First Year


Aside from newborn and maternity photography, there are so many ways to cherish and preserve the memories of your new arrival. When my little sister was born (we are 16.5 years apart), I made a scrapbook for her filled with everything from her arrival. Every time I look at that scrapbook it fills me with nostalgia and takes me back to when she was a teeny tiny newborn!

1.) Scrapbooking or memory box– Have you ever created a scrapbook? There’s so much to put in one, from pictures, mementoes like their hand and foot prints (here’s an inkless foot print), scans, birth announcements etc! Scrapbooking is so much fun for those who love being artsy!

2.) Belly casts– This is an interesting one and a unique way to remember your time pregnant. I love the look of a belly cast and you will always remember the miracle that transformed your body. I also love the idea of incorporating a belly cast into a newborn session. It is so amazing seeing a newborn on one as a prop!

3.) Hand/Feet casts– I love the idea of framing hand/feet casts of your fresh newborn and putting them up in the nursery! It is such an amazing way to preserve just how tiny your newborn once was! They grow so fast from week to week so it’s amazing getting to capture just how tiny they were when they first arrived!

4.) Keep a baby’s first year journal– There are so many books or journals on the internet to record all baby’s firsts in! As a child I used to love looking through the “Baby’s First Year” book that my mom kept! Create a personalised one for baby here!