London Baby Photographer: Benefits of A Professional Newborn Photographer


Why hire a professional newborn photographer and not just use a friend who has a good camera or buy your own camera? Many soon-to-be parents look for the cheapest route when choosing a photographer for their newborn but choosing a newborn photographer is a serious matter, they are handling your bundle of joy after all! Choosing a professional newborn photographer is essential as they are an investment for your little one.

What are the benefits of a professional newborn photographer?

1.) We’ve handled hundreds and hundreds of newborns- Before I even started charging for my images of newborns I made sure I had experience with newborns. Since then, I’ve handled hundreds and hundreds of newborns. Professional newborn photographers know how to safely handle your newborn and are comfortable doing so.

2.) We know how to pose safely- We invest in thousands of pounds of training to ensure we know how to safely handle and pose your precious newborn. We invest in this training yearly to keep current in our industry and learn new techniques.

3.) We have high-quality props- Professional newborn photographers invest in high-quality props that are suitable and safe for newborns. Professional newborn photographers often invest hundreds to thousands a year in props to keep current in our industry and grow our beautiful collection.

4.)We have liability insurance- A full-time professional newborn photographer will have liability insurance.

5.) We have the right equipment- A friend might have a good dslr camera but do they know how to use it properly in conjunction with studio lighting, posing etc? A professional newborn photographer has everything they need for a professional, high-quality newborn session in their studio. This includes an excellent camera, studio light (unless they shoot natural light), a posing beanbag, props, white noise, posing beans etc. Professional newborn photographers invest so much time and money into obtaining the right equipment.