London Newborn Photography: My 5 Favourite Things About Newborn Photography Sessions


I say it all the time but I love my job as a newborn photographer in London. When I was younger I couldn’t have even imagined having such an amazing job! What are my favourite things about being a newborn & baby photographer?

1.) I get to be creative- I’ve said it before but I love how creative I get to be with newborn photography sessions. The props and colours are so much fun!

2.) I get to play with babies all day- Well, that’s what my fiancĂ© thinks I do all day! But really, I look at these newborns and imagine what they will do and where they will go with their lives. It’s pretty amazing to think that the possibilities are endless for them!

3.) I get to create lasting memories/heirlooms- I love to think that my images will be cherished for a newborn’s whole life and possibly kept throughout many generations. Print your photos so they can be heirlooms for generations to come!

4.) Baby smiles- It is truly so funny to see grown adults coo and get so excited over a windy baby smile or the silly faces they make. Seriously, they are the best!

5.) Seeing parents in love with their new arrival- Honestly, best part of my job is a new family inviting to photograph them and their new arrival. It is truly so beautiful to see new parents fall in love with their child.