Lifestyle Newborn Session in the Studio: A Natural Take on Newborn and Family Photography



When I initially started newborn photography I travelled to client homes and as a necessity, my work had a more lifestyle look due to not being able to take many props with me. While my style has evolved over the last 6 years, I have found myself missing a simple/natural lifestyle look so decided to create one in the studio to bring out once in awhile! The benefit of doing these images in the studio is this type of session can be added on to posed newborn portraits with props easily so you can achieve both styles. It also gives you the option to choose which style you prefer- natural/white/simple or colourful/rustic/props and come to the studio just for the style you seek.

Why do I love Lifestyle Newborn Sessions?

1.) Timeless- This type of session is one that you can look back on for years to come and not cringe at how outdated some of the outfits/colours are. By wearing white and not having anything distracting like props in this part of the session, the images will stand the test of time.

2.) Baby loves being cuddled- This part of the session is particularly easy as baby loves being cuddled! They are happiest in your arms and the lifestyle look seeks to capture you naturally as you interact with baby and cuddle! It helps put a focus on all those special moments like playing with baby’s toes, giving lots of kisses and gushing over the adorable new arrival you just made.

3.) Focuses on the family- The focus of this part of the session is capturing your family as a unit and captures how fresh it all is with baby. In this part we can capture siblings, grandparents (as seen above) and if you missed the typical newborn stage of under 2 weeks, it is a great type of session to capture all ages of baby!