Lifestyle Newborn Photography: An Emerging Trend in the UK


In the UK we seem to be a bit slower to catch onto emerging trends in the photography world. One that has existed in Australia and North America for sometime is lifestyle family photography. However, in the UK we’ve been slow to leave posed studio family photography and try something new! Lifestyle newborn and family photography is slowly catching on in the UK and we are seeing more natural newborn photography images, candid moments and more trendy styled clothing with a modern bohemian feel. Brown tones and flowy dresses have my heart!


So how do you create the most beautiful lifestyle newborn photography session in your home?

1.) Create a Neutral Background in Your Home

Cream bedding on your bed, rusts and browns are all beautiful natural colours to have around your home for a lifestyle session. Cuddly images on your bed can look so authentic and capture some truly beautiful heartfelt images so having a neutral blanket on your bed can help keep the background just that-the background. It helps to have nothing overly bright or distracting to remove focus from the main subject- you and your baby! We want your family to be the most important part of the images!



2.) The Clothes in Your Newborn Photography Session

Your styling for a lifestyle newborn photography session can really help create a beautiful natural look. I have a large client closet with a range of dresses for mum (for lifestyle newborn/family sessions, maternity sessions) and also a range of rompers and bloomers for baby. I am also happy to offer any styling advice for what works well together and can send you any links for great outfits. I love styling lifestyle photography sessions! I love creams, rusts, camels and browns for lifestyle newborn photography sessions as they give a warm, natural vibe and don’t distract from baby. Textures like wools, cords and linens give a cosy, comfortable look and suit indoor newborn photography sessions so well. Accessories like hats can also be fun for a session to give a boho vibe. My favourite clothing store for beautiful maternity and mama dresses is Free People as so many of their dresses fit a range of sizes and they are such beautiful quality.



3.) The Poses in Your Newborn Photography Session

The beauty about a natural newborn photography sessions for people who don’t like posing is that I just loosely pose you so that you are in the best lighting and guide you to look close/cuddly and then you get to interact with baby! The best images for me are ones that are interacting with baby like tickling, playing, kissing as they show the most love! These tend to be the most heartfelt images that you keep forever rather than stiff smiling at the camera images like the more old-fashioned type of studio family photography from the past.


I love that lifestyle family photography is an emerging trend in the UK and spreading throughout. It is especially popular in London and I adore how many beautiful old homes with such character that there are to photograph your sessions in! I just love going to a client’s home and getting creative with their home, the natural lighting of the home and their wardrobe. Lifestyle family photography is such an art and your family session will be showcased on your walls for years.