Lifestyle Maternity Photography in Your London Home.

I find that when people think of maternity photography they think of a cheesy maternity shoot with a dress blowing in the wind, hair and makeup overdone and belly hanging out. This might be why many women steer clear of a maternity shoot as they just feel it is too over the top for them, they aren’t confident enough or are worried about seeming too vain. However, in the last few years maternity photography has really changed, it isn’t the overly posed and made up studio session that it used to be. Maternity photography is now veering towards a more natural look with in home photography sessions and outdoor maternity sessions. 


Why a Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session in your home might be for you:

1.) If you’re camera shy a home session is more relaxing

For those that are camera shy it can be less intimidating to pose inside your own home. A lifestyle maternity session has a cosier, more intimate vibe and it can feel less daunting posing in your own home. I actually adore in home maternity photography sessions as I love playing with shadow with natural light in the home and going from room to room and being creative with all the spots in your house that is unique to you. 


2.) A home session is more intimate and private

A lifestyle maternity photography session is a chance to get more intimate with your partner, to show off your belly or show some skin. The session can take place on the bed, by windows, in the living room for a more private session. Those who are normally afraid to show off their belly may feel better doing so in their own home rather than outdoors or in an intimidating studio with lots of lights. You can also get your cuddle on with your partner! It’s a great chance to snuggle up in bed with your partner and enjoy your belly before baby comes! 


3.) The memories captured in your London home

I always think of a home as telling a story and it is so nice to remember the place you started nesting, creating baby’s nursery and it contains beautiful memories. It will be so amazing to looking at pieces of your story in years to come and remember the excitement you felt prior to baby arriving in your maternity home photography session.

For a lifestyle home session you don’t need to get overly dressed up, you can wear what you feel comfortable in and we photography you at your own pace.  

Contact me to book your maternity photography session and we can schedule you in for 31-34 weeks pregnant before baby arrives!