Lessons I Learned From My Parents That Helped Me Run A Successful Photography Business


My parents have taught me many things, I’ve always known that but never truly appreciated their lessons until I lived away from home (an ocean away) and started running my own business.

1.) Be Kind and Giving- My mother taught me this lesson as she is so selfless with others and her children. She is so kind to others and constantly gives all of herself to her friends and to work. Despite being exhausted most of the time (as she is a nurse and consistently works night shifts), her whole world was about giving us everything we needed and selflessly doing so. I’ve carried this lesson into my business as I always put all of myself into my business. I stay up late nights and work all weekend some weekends just so my clients get their photos quickly to share with their family. I schedule sessions when I should be spending weekends with my fianc√© and schedule my family holidays around due dates. I love giving everything to my business and feel it helps contribute to it’s success.

2.) Work Hard- My father has taught me this lesson, despite our many differences, he has taught me to be a  hard worker. When I got my first waitressing job and hated it, he forced me to keep it and while I despised the job it taught me social skills that I still carry with me today. He showed me not to be afraid of hard work as he used to work two jobs, one during the day and one after dinner. I feel by not being afraid of hard work and having a father that set the example of what hard work is, my business has blossomed.

3.) Raising a Child- While I’m not a mother yet, my mum had my sister when I was 17 years old and so I have witnessed raising a child and helped with it. I can relate to all the stages of parenthood and childhood as I have witnessed it as a young adult. I saw what a true selfless mother is and hope to be one myself one day!

4.) Never give up- My father has experienced many set backs in life with his health but he keeps working away. This true drive has taught me to always pursue my goals, work hard and not to be afraid of failure!