“LCP” named 21st of “Top 100 UK Photography Blogs on the Web”!



I’m proud to say that I’ve made it into another Feedspot list, this time for “Top 100 Photography Blogs UK”. I’m very proud to have made 21st on the list amongst many other knowledgeable and highly professional photographers and websites. Why do I blog on here? Well I love being able to keep my clients informed and to explain in every detail what goes into a session and what to expect. If you read over all my blog posts, you will be informed on what to expect in your newborn session, what to wear, how to prepare, get a look behind the scenes and get an insight into my personality and all the care that goes into my business. I love being able to give clients an inside peek into the running of a newborn photography business in London!

Here are some of my favourite and informative blog posts to give you a glimpse into newborn photography:

1.) “Questions You Should Ask When Booking your Newborn Photographer”– This contains all the important questions you should ask and think about (because many don’t even consider some of these issues) before you choose your newborn photographer!

2.) “Why Safety is the Most Important Thing When Hiring Your Newborn Photographer”– This is a very important issue that many don’t even think of when hiring a newborn photographer. You must make sure your newborn photographer is trained and has lots of experience in order to safely get those more complicated poses!

3.) “Newborn & Baby Photography: Why So Much?”– This blog post explains why newborn photography costs what it costs. While my rates are very competitive and budget friendly, I do explain why my pricing has the structure it has due to all the things that go into running a small business that many don’t think about.