Kaylee: Portrait in Pale Pink DIY Tutu and Gold DIY Crown

Girl on Suitcase

Blonde Girl Portrait

DIY Gold Crown Portrait

Meet Kaylee. Kaylee is a spirited nine year old who loves dressing up. She’s a determined and talented Scottish Highland dancer (you should see how high she can leap). She loves Rainbow Looms and Niall from One Direction.

Tutu and crown princess portrait

Girl laughing portrait

This portrait session takes place in a beautiful empty road in Canada (I was recently home in Canada for a visit and did not stop working), but I can easily see recreating this where I normally hold portrait sessions in Muswell Hill and surrounding North London. When I was home we were struck with frigid temperatures of -20 and heaps of snow. On this day we were lucky it was a bit warmer and the snow had stopped. We were left with a mystical, ethereal appearance that felt so magical!

Blonde winter portrait

Glitter confetti in hands

Gold glitter sparkles in air portrait

I came armed with lots of props and we paired her beautiful sparkly sweater (jumper) with my DIY light pink tutu and DIY gold crown (tutorials for these props to come). We also lugged a vintage suitcase that I bought at an Antique Market to the location and we were set!

Despite the cold, Kaylee was an excellent model. I love that quiet that seems to envelope these photos as all creatures and cars were in hibernation on that day.


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