My Journey As a Baby Photographer: Doing What I Love



This quote is so important to me as it describes my journey to becoming a newborn photographer and starting my own small business. I always talk about how much I love my job and adore my job because I’m so grateful I’m here now after such a difficult and confusing journey to get here. Being a newborn and baby photographer was never on my radar in secondary school when my guidance councillor asked which five universities I wanted to go to and what I would take there. At 17 years old, it was pretty hard to imagine what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life. As a shy teenager, it seemed even more unimaginable that I’d do something outside my comfort zone or run my own business one day. I remember being in art class is year 12 (my favourite class in secondary school) and my art teacher put a poster on the walls that said something like, “Careers in Art” and I remember reading the list and thinking, “These things are scary, competitive and you can’t make a steady living from them.” Somewhere on that list was “photographer” and it took me almost 10 years to realise it was my calling in life.

I remember going through my hobbies and what I loved to do and discounting them as something you couldn’t make a steady living from. I loved reading, fashion, makeup and taking pictures of my little sister but how could I possibly have a decent life doing anything with those things? Well it took me many years to realise the “safe route” I chose as a Secondary School teacher wasn’t all that safe for me as I hated waking up each morning, coming home with a sore throat, behaviour management of teenagers in London and found myself stressed to the max. Something I had deemed a life long and steady career was just not working out that way for me. Then I found newborn and baby photography- or rather it found me as I had pursued my love for photography on the side and then my career as a photographer blossomed. I am so grateful that the years I struggled to build this business up (because running your own business is never easy) are now starting to pay off and I get to wake up every day excited to photograph your new little arrivals!