Is a Professional Portrait Photographer Still Relevant in a Digital World?



I keep reading all these photography articles about how professional photography is going downhill and is a dying business due to the accessibility of DSLRs and hobby photographers offering ridiculously cheap prices. It really frustrates and depresses me! While it is easy to snap pictures of your children on your Smartphone or you are learning to use your new DSLR that you just got for Christmas, a professional photographer is relevant and in my opinion, essential to create timeless memories.  I view the photos on my Iphone as a quick easy option; they are nothing like a professional photo session!

A professional photographer can offer you their eye, their knowledge, a vast collection of props, expert equipment and technical photo editing skills. Your photos are printed professionally and not at your regular “Snappy Snaps” or Tesco. Last time I got family photographs developed at Walmart (in Canada) they had spots all over them, while I wasn’t expecting much, I also didn’t expect such incredibly poor quality!

I believe that a professional photographer is still incredibly relevant in a world of disposable images, it is important to treasure images of quality and beauty. Even as a photographer, I will still hire another photographer one day to take family pictures as there is an incredible value in being in family pictures (for you mums behind the camera!) and each individual photographer creates a captivating experience in their own unique way. As I appreciate the art of photography, I will love having my children photographed through many eyes, each showing a different piece of their personality and beauty!

Oh and that’s my little Brownie Camera I found at an Antique Market, isn’t it just the cutest?