How to Style Your Newborn Photography Session


“Little Crumpets Photography” Client Closet

Stuck on what to wear for your newborn photography session? I am now offering a Client Closet for all clients of “Little Crumpets Photography”! Whether you have a newborn, maternity or family photography session I am now offering a selection of dresses for new mums and pregnant mums to be! I also have a vast selection of hand-knitted items for baby for a newborn photography session or older babies up to one year for family photography sessions! For baby I offer rompers, nappie covers and baby grows. My dresses come from high quality clothing stores like Mii Estilo, Free People and Zara.


As my most popular question is often, “Do you have any tips on what to wear for our newborn photography session?” the Client Closet aims to make your life easier by helping you sort out what to wear for a lifestyle session as over the years I’ve come to learn what works well for lifestyle home sessions and outdoor sessions! I have a link that I send you upon booking which catalogues all my items and you just let me know what ones to bring to your session! Everything is cleaned and steamed before your newborn photography session.


Tips on What To Wear for Your London Newborn Photography Session

I always get asked, “what do you recommend we wear to our newborn session?” Clothes can make or break a newborn photography session and are so important.

Colours matter for a home lifestyle newborn session! I love browns, creams, rusts as they give a beautiful warm romantic vibe. Texture is always a good thing too like knits and corduroy.

Sometimes it’s helpful to remember the little details. If you have frizzy hair or little flyaways, I always recommend spraying your hands with hairspray and smoothing it over top of your hair. This way your hair will look neater in the images (only if this bothers you as typically my hair is curly and wild and I like it that way).  Often new mums have the remainders of nail varnish that has been hanging around since before giving birth and I recommend taking off any chipped nail varnish before your session as many of the images feature baby in your hands.


What to Wear for Mums

I always love a long, flowing dress for mums in a newborn photography session as it lends to the romantic, soft look that I love about capturing motherhood. I have a range of beautiful maxi dresses in colours such as browns, whites, creams and rusts. I always recommend long maxi dresses for mum in a home lifestyle photography shoot as there is something so romantic and elegant about a long dress on a new mother. I love how they drape on a bed or off a chair. It’s also lovely to do breastfeeding images and skin to skin images as they look so raw and real. A dress pulled down over the shoulder looks so lovely and raw against baby.


What to wear for dads

For newborn photography sessions in London homes, I always recommend dads wear something comfortable rather than a dress shirt as it is important that dad looks relaxed. For a home lifestyle newborn photography session I think a collared shirt looks too stiff and recommend a soft t-shirt or a knitted jumper. Plain t-shirts, sweaters or cardigans are a great alternative to the standard white dress shirt. I always recommend no logos and keeping it simple. Always take your watches off (especially big clunky modern ones) and take those socks off! I love barefoot in images as they match with everything and make the whole vibe of the session look a bit more organic.


What to wear for baby

I have a great collection of hand-knitted items in the Client Closet for my newborn photography sessions that are made to fit tiny newborns and I also recommend having a plain baby grow ready with no patterns or logos in colours like cream, white, or browns!


Contact me to find out more about my natural newborn photography sessions in your London home. I travel all over London & Greater London to your home to capture beautiful memories of your new baby.