How to Soothe Your Newborn: Tips from a London Newborn Photographer


As a newborn photographer in London I have about 3-5 newborn photography sessions per week, that’s a lot of newborns! Over time I’ve picked up a few tricks to soothe and calm baby so that we have an effortless session! I often have parents ask me if I want a second job- as a nighttime newborn nanny!

Here are a few simple tips to help calm your newborn:

1.) Swaddle- A swaddle is how I always start my session, it calms baby and helps lull them into a deep sleep. For 9 months baby has been tightly curled in your womb and very warm inside, a swaddle helps replicate this curled warm feeling and makes them feel nice and safe.

2.) White Noise- I love white noise! I hear all the time from exhausted parents how much baby sleeps in the day and that they are up all night. This is because at night everything goes quiet and baby gets confused! In the womb baby hears mum’s heartbeat and a whooshing sound, so to suddenly have to adjust to a quiet world is hard for baby! I love white noise so that we can talk during the session while baby sleeps and it helps so baby doesn’t startle so easily while sleeping. My favourite white noise machine is the Baby Shusher!

3.) Movement- Baby was used to mum’s movement and thus motion helps lull baby to sleep! Gentle rocking, walks in the stroller or even car rides help relax baby and ease them into a deep sleep.

4.) ┬áTemperature- Is baby too hot or too cold? I find that sometime’s parents forget that their body temperature does not operate the same way a newborn’s does. Baby is very tiny and loses heat easily, they also aren’t moving around as much so they get cold very quickly!