How to Calm Your Baby During a Newborn Photography Session: London Home Sessions


Newborn Photographers aim to get baby asleep for at least part of the newborn photography session. This helps with portraits as babies are most curly and easy to pose when they are in a deep sleep. What do you do during a newborn photography session when baby just won’t sleep? Here are a few tips!

1.) White noise– White noise is helpful in helping baby drift off to sleep but it is also helpful in keeping them asleep. Sometimes the shutter of the camera jolts them awake (as they can be jumpy at this stage) and white noise helps mask this. White noise such as music, a fan heater or the app “Sound Sleeper” are essential for a smooth session!

2.)Warmth– Newborns need warmth and love to be swaddled up tightly at this early stage, so you can imagine that it doesn’t always go so well when they are asked to pose without this! Having the heat up or a tiny space heater helps the baby feel comfortable and lulls them to sleep. It keeps them happy and safe during the session also!

3.)Swaddling– Swaddling is a lifesaver! Baby loves being swaddled at the age of 5-10 days old! It keeps them feeling safe and happy because they feel as if they are still in the womb. I find whenever they are swaddled they eventually ease off to sleep.

4.)Feeding– While some new mothers are on a schedule with their feeding, it can be very helpful to feed lots during the session. It often relaxes baby and puts them to sleep!

5.) Pacifier– While a pacifier can be a big no-no for some, it can be incredibly helpful to have just for the session.

6.) Deep Sleep– Once baby falls asleep, it is important that we wait about 15-20 minutes to ensure they have drifted off into a deep sleep. This way, they can easily be posed and wear all the cute props I bring!

The most important thing is don’t stress. I am used to dealing with babies and new parents, every baby cries during a session! I try to make each session relaxing and stay for 4-5 hours to ensure we get the widest variety of photographs possible. There is no pressure and the calmer we are, the calmer baby is!