London Newborn Photography: How Many Poses or Set Ups Are Included In A Session?


How many poses or set ups will you do for our newborn session?

This is a question I often get asked and I find it difficult to answer. This is because every single baby is different and we need to remember that the newborns in the pictures are tiny humans with big personalities and not dolls. Every session I do is baby led, I let them tell me what poses they feel comfortable with, I get to know how they move and when they feel their safest. Every single baby is different and so not every baby will do the more complicated poses that everyone loves, sometimes they just want to be snug and wrapped and that is fine by me. Some newborns sleep through an entire session and some wake up every single time the camera shutter clicks. Some sessions are one hour long and some are 4 hours. I’m okay with whatever baby wants to do as they are the boss of their own session; their comfort and safety is my main priority!

During newborn sessions I often get asked if I have children of my own because I’m so good with newborns. When you invest in a session with me you invest in someone who has extensively trained in newborn photography and has photographed over 1000 newborns. Newborn photography isn’t just about the photography aspect and I think this is what some people forget when looking for a newborn photographer- you also want to invest in someone who has vast experience and has extensive knowledge of safe newborn posing. You are hiring someone to handle your precious new arrival, don’t skimp on safety and your newborn’s well-being!

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