London Newborn Photography: How I Keep Your Baby Comfortable During Their Newborn Photography Session


The key to keeping a newborn comfortable during a newborn photography session is replicating the environment they have just been in for the past 9 months: the womb!

1.) Safe Posing- The hardest part of a session is getting them asleep but then as a newborn photographer you must keep them asleep and happy! This requires making sure every pose you do with baby is comfortable and easy for them to do. This requires knowing how to execute each pose smoothly and safely. Each of my prop set ups are created so baby is safely cocooned in lots of padding/layers so they don’t feel anything or notice they are out of their parents arms!

2.) White Noise- For 9 months inside the womb your newborn has been hearing your heartbeat, vibration, swishing and muffled outside sounds. The key to replicating this is playing white noise while trying to get baby to sleep and for baby to stay asleep. Newborns have crazy startle reflexes and I find having white noise playing keeps them calm so they don’t startle from even my camera shutter going off.

3.) Swaddling- I start our session by replicating how baby felt inside the womb for 9 months, by keeping them feeling safe and cosy with swaddling. Newborn photography swaddling needs to be with supervision only and cannot be used at home (although I highly recommend the Air Woombie and Swaddle Up for night time use at home). Parents always tell me their newborn hates swaddling until they see baby dose into a beautiful sleep so we can get started with our session!

4.) Warmth- Newborns love to be warm as it was quite toasty inside the womb! They get cold quite easily as their blood circulation is quite poor when they are first born (you will notice their feet often go cold and purple). I replicate this (obviously just for a newborn session and under strict supervision) with a little space heater and create the perfect environment for baby to chill in!