Home or Studio Newborn Session? Which should you choose?



I am a huge advocate for studio sessions, I love the consistency, using my studio lights and having my props right at my finger tips. However, what are the major differences between my newborn home and studio sessions?

Newborn Photography Studio Session: Newborn sessions take place at my London newborn photography studio and I have thousands of props at my beck and call. A studio session provides a prop session with highly posed images. Studio lights give us perfect lighting and consistency so we are guaranteed to get beautiful results every time. This type of session is for you if you love the posed and prop images you see on my website that focus on baby. These types of images are only done at my studio due to safety reasons and not being able to take everything with me to make a perfect session in your home. Studio sessions give us the most variety and the ability to create a variety of set ups and styles that you can’t create in a home session.

Newborn Home Session: So what do I do at homes then? This is a no prop, unposed and natural lifestyle session with a major focus on family images. While I love prop images of newborns I also love home sessions as we can capture your family natural in your home. Remember you must have good natural light and a spacious home for these images so we can get a variety of beautiful images around your home! I love showcasing your beautiful home in the background of your family images and capturing you cooing over your newborn in bed. I love using your windows as a backdrop and light source to create airy and beautiful images! If you prefer natural, unposed and candid images, this type of session is for you!

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