Hiring A Newborn Photographer in London, England!


Hiring a newborn photographer is not something you should do in a hurry or based on price. Hiring a newborn photographer is a careful decision based on experience, safety and styling that you should consider. This newborn photographer will be handling your tiny bundle of joy in the first two weeks of it entering the world. You want someone who knows what they are doing, has experience in it and knows just how important this tiny little life is.

As a newborn photographer I have trained, practiced and trained some more so that I am confidant when handling your little one. With 500 newborns under my belt and many training workshops with some of the newborn photographers across the world, I don’t take my job lightly. This job isn’t just my job but as it is my business, it is my whole world. The safety of your tiny newborn is very important to me.

What do I mean when I discuss safety in newborn photography? Well, the studio must be a certain temperature to keep baby warm enough when doing nude poses and also must be a different temperature when being swaddled. Blood circulation of baby is very important as they still have poor circulation and the placement of the limbs is key for this. Baby must never be left in a pose for a long time and must be watched/spotted at all times. Composite images are also required for complicated poses like the froggy pose. This means that two images are taken of baby with hands on baby and then merged together to look like baby was supported by themselves (which they never were). A new untrained photographer may not have this knowledge and so it is important to do your research as the client.

Certain poses are more complicated than others so it is very important to hire a professional newborn photographer that knows the ins and outs of newborns. I have worked very hard through training, workshops and practice to achieve great knowledge and expertise in this amazing field!

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