London Newborn Photography: Hiring a Newborn Photographer with a Focus on Safety


Posed newborn photography should never be attempted by someone who is not a professional. Professional Newborn Photographers are highly trained and experienced and know everything about posing a baby SAFELY. Newborns are not dolls and must not be treated as so as newborn photography is not as it appears in the final edited image. There are many tricks happening behind the scenes to create safe comfortable images for baby. An untrained person does not know these tricks and does not know how a newborn’s body works so posed images must never be attempted without proper training.

I’ve worked with newborns for 5 years now and completed many newborn training workshops from professional newborn photographers all over the world. I’m highly trained and experienced with newborns, having photographed over 500 newborns.

Hiring an experienced newborn photographer is key as they know everything about handling a newborn and have extensive training. Why chance the safety of your new arrival by hiring a cheap unexperienced newborn photographer? I don’t even try this pose with every baby as not every baby feels comfortable in it and I prefer them to be as sleepy as possible for this pose!

Did you know I’m a PRO member of BANPAS, the UK’s only dedicated trade association for Newborn and Baby Photographers? BANPAS promotes safety and awareness of safety amongst it’s newborn photographers. BANPAS support photographers in many areas of their business including sharing best practice in terms of working safely with newborns and babies and it is such a great community that I adore belonging to! I love getting to chat with other newborn photographers across the country and getting to share tips/tricks and awareness of safety.  I’m so proud to be a PRO level member as I’m constantly researching, taking workshops and trying to progress so I’m current in the field of newborn photography. I also do newborn photography mentoring and teach others all my knowledge!

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