Why Hire A Professional Newborn Photographer in London?


Frequently I get enquiries that ask me to barter and change my pricing, I get told that they will just go to a friend who has a good camera or I am asked if I can just take one image. As a professional and very experienced newborn photographer I don’t barter or change my pricing as it has been carefully thought out over the years- what is the benefit of a professional newborn photographer though?

Well, the main one is experience with newborns.


I’ve photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns. After a newborn session, parents often ask me, “How did you do that?” “She’s so good for you!” “You’re the baby whisperer!” or “Can you be our night nanny?” Believe me, I didn’t start out that comfortable with newborns and I wasn’t even perfect after my hundredth newborn, every newborn is different and I still get the odd challenge on occasion! When you are hiring someone to take your newborn’s images, you are hiring someone to cuddle, move, pose and soothe your newborn- it is best if they are very experienced in doing so as your newborn’s safety is your primary concern.

A professional newborn photographer is not just a photographer but a caretaker of newborns, at a newborn session you as the parents should get to relax and your only job during the session is to feed and change baby, the rest is up to the photographer! In my sessions I ask you to relax on my studio sofa and watch all the setups that baby and I create, parents love watching as baby looks so adorable!

To book your newborn photography session in London please email It is best to book as soon as possible and before baby is born as newborn sessions are best done under 14 days old and I book up very fast. If baby is already born please still enquire as I sometimes have gaps in my schedule to squeeze you in!