Why Should I Hire A Professional Newborn & Baby Photographer?


There are hundreds of newborn photographers in London. Hundreds! How do you possibly choose when every single one offers a different price point, some sort of deal, a different location, props, mobile or studio photography? It may be tempting to find the best deal out there but the key is to look for a professional newborn photographer who has been working with newborns for many years as you want someone who is specialised and trained in photographing newborns. These are your precious little bundles after all and you want someone who knows how to safely pose newborns. A newborn photographer who has been posing newborns for many years has dealt with every situation, knows how to soothe baby and knows all the little quirks that come with each newborn.

1.) Safety- Safety is so key when it comes to newborn photography. There are many baby photographers out there offering the best deal but are they experienced? Newborn photography requires specialised training and experience. Did you know that some images require composite images? Composite images are two images that are photoshopped together to create one image, this way hands can safely be on baby at all times! Newborn photographers are required to know about temperature of baby, circulation of baby and how to safely pose baby.

2.) Quality- The quality of newborn photography varies immensely in London. There are photographers that now train other newborn photographers and there are those that are just starting out. The quality can be seen by the lighting they are use, the style of their photography and how comfortable baby looks in their poses.

To book your newborn photography session please email Newborns are best booked after your 12 or 20 week scan and are best photographed under two weeks old. This is because at this time they are still so sleepy and womb-like so we can get those adorable poses!