How to Get Natural Family Portraits with your Newborn.


It is a typical dilemma when parents stand in front of the camera, they stand in front of my studio lights like a deer in headlights and smile a big cheesy smile at the camera. How can you achieve natural images with your newborn?


1.) Look at your little miracle: I always start by asking parents to look at baby during the family portraits. Looking at their new arrival causes all types of emotions to spring up. As they stare at their gorgeous new baby they think about the journey they took to get here today and what a little miracle baby truly is. Looking at baby also takes the focus off staring into the camera which often results in really unnatural posed images (I always get some of those too near the end so everyone has loosened up).


2.) Interact with your newborn: By kissing, nuzzling and rocking your baby we get all kinds of beautiful images that look amazingly natural. I love capturing the little moments between parents and their new arrival. Often when kissing or tickling baby we get amazing little smiles that result in the whole family laughing and smile. It truly is contagious!


3.) Interact with each other: Interacting with each other helps clients forget that the camera is there, talk about baby, cuddle each eachother or look at each other. These interactions create beautiful memories that you can look back on for years to come. The newborn stage is often a blur of sleep deprivation, nappies changes and feeds so it is so lovely to have images captured during this time of all of you!

When is it best to book a newborn session? Newborn photography sessions are best done in the first two weeks after baby arrives. This helps make an easier session as newborns under two weeks are sleepier, curlier and we can avoid colic/bad milkspots. It is best to book your session while still pregnant if you can (around 12-20 weeks is the recommended time) as I do book up early. If you just found me and baby is already here, still contact me as I sometimes have last minute availability. Email me at