Get An Expert: Why You Need An Experienced Newborn Photographer


I’ve seen many brand new parents try to do their own newborn photography session and to be honest, it makes me cringe. Attempting to do poses that a professional newborn photographer has taken years of training to master is very unsafe and can put your brand new baby at risk.

1.) Safety- Safety is the number one reason you should hire an experienced and professional newborn photographer! Professional newborn photographers have taken many years to learn everything about newborn babies, safe posing and how to run sessions smoothly. We have taken many training workshops in newborn photography from newborn photographers across the world so that we know what we are doing and don’t risk a brand new baby’s life. We know how a newborn’s circulatory system works, we know what to look out for if baby is too hot or too cold, hungry or how to pose a colicky baby. We know how to do the more complicated poses safely and comfortably for your baby (hello photoshop) and most parents or inexperienced photographers wouldn’t know how to do these ¬†properly. The key to looking for a professional and experienced newborn photographer is examining their images- is their lighting well done? Is the skin perfectly edited? Does baby look comfortable in a pose?

2.) Knowledge of Photography- You only get this moment a few times in your life (depending on how many children you have), if you are able to financially invest in a professional newborn photographer, do it. By going with someone who is cheaper or doing it yourself, you are not only risking newborn safety but also the overall look of the images as well. Professional photographers spend years learning light, image quality, newborn posing and incredibly complex photoshop editing. By hiring a professional and experienced newborn photographer, you aren’t risking hating the images or regretting them years to come when you truly see the poor lighting, the uncomfortable looking posing and the lack of professional editing. You don’t get these special moments very often, they are only this little once!

3.) Your Body is Recuperating- A huge reason to not do your own newborn session is because your body is recuperating. Newborn photography is a very physical job and the bending/ squatting/ rocking can be hard on a body that has just given birth. I often have my clients fall asleep on my chairs in the studio as they are so tired and their body is just exhausted. By hiring a professional, these parents feel safe enough with me to relax and enjoy their session!