For Photographers: Why You Need 1-1 Newborn Photography Mentoring and Training


Working with newborns is no joke. These are tiny little humans that their parents have been waiting on for a very long time. Tiny little miracles. Parents are trusting you to handle their newborn safely and keeping their newborn as comfortable as possible. This is why you need training in newborn photography. So much of newborn photography is about photoshop and about little tricks that help carry poses out safely and comfortably for baby.

When I first started out with newborn photography, I thought that because I had a good handle on normal photography I would be fine. Let me tell you, newborns are very different to adults. A newborn photographer must know how to keep baby asleep, soothe and settle a baby and pose them safely. When I first started I would get parents to put baby down and then I would take pictures of them. I was terrified to touch a newborn! However, if I had started out with a newborn 1-1 Mentoring course I would have felt more confident and actually known what I was doing. My whole business would have progressed faster! But instead I slowly built up the courage to touch baby and each session would improve. This took me years!

It is important to invest in a 1-1 Newborn Mentoring Course so you know you are doing things right and safely. It is a little life in your hands and you do not want to bend baby the wrong way or not safely spot them in a pose. An experienced newborn photographer will share how to carry each pose out safely, how to best soothe baby, how to edit properly and how to run efficient newborn photography sessions (my sessions used to take me 4 hours and I’ve perfected them to be under 2 hours now with good babies)! Investing in 1-1 Newborn Mentoring will help your business and portfolio progress quickly and help give you the piece of mind to know you are doing poses the right way and safely.

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