For Photographers: How to Be A Successful Newborn Photographer


1,) Learn Your Marketing- You can have the best photos in the world but if you don’t market and advertise right, no one will find you. It is so important to learn how to market and advertise yourself to build your business up. This includes Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, your website (learning SEO is crucial), social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter). It is so important to research about all this and learn it inside and out so that you can help people to find you as easily as possible.

2.) Invest in Your Business- Some new newborn photographers expect to build a portfolio and put up a facebook business page and have people flocking to them. While this happens for some, it only happens to a select few. It is important to put in the hardwork and money to invest in your business so that you build a sturdy foundation. This involves building a strong portfolio to show off your talent. However, before you can do this you require training if you are going to specialise in newborn photography. All those complicated poses you see on professional newborn photographers’ pages have tricks, years of experience and a knowledge of how to safely carry out the poses behind them. While 1-1 Newborn Photography Mentoring may seem like a big expense, it is important to invest in it so that you don’t harm any newborns in the process of building your portfolio. It is also an important investment because you are learning everything the professional photographer took many years to learn. These tips and tricks can help fast forward your career! It is also important to invest in your marketing and advertising. Unfortunately advertising does not come free these days like the good ol’ facebook days but if you invest in it you will see the pay off!

3.) Find Your Niche and Brand- What kind of newborn photographer are you going to be? One who specialises in natural lifestyle images at clients’ homes or one who does highly posed images with props? Are you a minimal, all white type of photographer or do you love vintage and cutesy images? It’s all up to you and as you build your portfolio you will find out how you like working with newborns and what feels best for you. You want to represent part of you in your business and as an artist!

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