How to Feel Comfortable During Your Maternity Photography Session.


Many of my clients are terrified to pose for their maternity photography session at the beginning as this is their first photography session since their wedding!

1.) Relax- As silly as it seems, but relaxing during the session helps tremendously. While it is easier said than done, I love getting to know each other as I photograph you so that you feel comfortable with me.

2.) Have Poses Planned Prior to the Session- If you’re really nervous about posing in front of the camera, I find that having any poses you want planned beforehand really helps. By the time you’ve executed all your favourite poses and gone through the essentials, you feel more relaxed and have practiced posing in front of a camera. Once those poses are done, I find the really good natural shots come out as you feel like you’ve done what you came to do and can be more silly in front of the camera!

3.) Focus on the Bump- The great thing about a maternity/pregnancy photoshoot is that unlike a wedding, the focus isn’t just on you any longer! For natural images, you and your partner can look down at your baby bump and focus on this beautiful miracle! I find this takes a lot of the tension away and soon you are posing away!

4.) Focus on your Partner!- Again, I find that focusing on something besides the camera helps take the focus off the fact that you’re being photographed. Making each other laugh, smile and having a chat keeps things natural and unposed.

5.) Outdoor Maternity Photography Session-  If you are really nervous about having a maternity session I do recommend an outdoor session for a more natural look where we can walk through the woods and focus on the beautiful distractions that nature provides. In my favourite location we can hear birds chirping and see dogs running around, guaranteed to make you smile!