Fear of Pressure Selling?: All Inclusive Newborn Packages with No Hidden Fees!


I often get asked before clients book, are there any hidden costs/fees? This is a common fear amongst people hiring a photographer. It seems some photographers have a false reputation for being crazy expensive and actually hiding additional fees from prospective clients. People worry they will get sucked in by the images of their adorable newborn and have to spend way more money than budgeted due to hidden costs. I always hear horror stories about hidden fees that people didn’t fully understand the pricing structure when choosing their last photographer which is why I try to make my pricing as transparent and obvious as possible.

With my newborn photography pricing structure, everything is written and laid out carefully on my pricelist and each package carefully lists what is included and the all-inclusive price. I do not charge separately for a session fee and photos (be wary as some photographers do, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this structure but be careful that you understand that sometimes images aren’t included in the session fee). I try to make my pricing so that everything is inclusive (including the time spent in a session and the amount of images you get) and I have 3 main packages for you to choose from for a newborn, baby or family session.

With “Little Crumpets Photography” there is absolutely no pressure selling and you can choose your packages privately from your own home and together as a couple. You can choose your packages based on how many images you like in your gallery and to fit your budget.

To book your newborn photography session please email me at It is very important that you book early as I do book up in advance and newborns are best photographed under 14 days. The reason for this is because newborns are sleepier, more womb-like and easier to pose. They grow so quickly as each week passes so be sure to book your newborn session after your 12 or 20 week scan to be prepared!