My Favourite Newborn Photography Prop Vendor: “Created by Carli”


Part of what makes my job so much fun is hunting for creative new props! It is essential to keep up to date with the latest trends in fabrics, headbands, hats, wraps and wooden props! I love hunting through antique stores, fabric stores and little shops online. One of my absolute favourite vendors is “Created By Carli”. I adore her handmade tiebacks and headbands perfectly sized for newborns. I find store bought headbands can be too big and bulky for newborns and detract from the beauty of the newborn but Carli makes perfectly sized headbands in gorgeous materials to subtly add a touch of colour to a newborn prop set up!

I often get asked where I buy my newborn headbands from clients in sessions and so I thought I’d write a little post to refer you guys to! “Created By Carli” makes the perfect sized newborn headbands made of the highest quality materials like bits of lace, jersey, twine, silk and real dried flowers. Her headbands aren’t your usual tacky newborn headband but are ethereal, high-quality and romantic. They are so easy to put on during a session as I just pop the jersey ones over baby’s head when I’ve perfected a pose. My “Created By Carli” collection has grown immensely over the last couple years and every week when she does a new shop update I have to hold myself back from buying them all! I have so many beautiful colours from her as she does gorgeous shades of purple, cream, pinks, blues and mints that are to die for!

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