FAQ’s: Do You Supply The Props & Is My Baby Too Bad For A Newborn Session?


Do You Supply All Props For Our Newborn Photography Session?

For your newborn photography session I supply all the props. Each prop is carefully selected for quality and size (you’d be surprised how tiny newborn bonnets/hats need to be to fit properly)! I have a wide array of backdrops, wraps, headbands, hats, posing blankets, wood props and outfits for baby during your session. I’m very lucky as my mum makes all my knitted props and are able to
hand select the quality of wool from all over the world. She is very talented and whips up bonnets in under half an hour! My prop collection is crucial to my studio as many of the props act as posing aids (ie. wraps help swaddle baby so they are cosy and sleepy) and help make a session smoother! My props range from organic, rustic and vintage styles. I love selecting items to add to my collection and have so much to choose from as I have collected things in the 4 years I’ve been a newborn photographer.

Is my Baby Too Difficult For A Newborn Photography Session?

Sometimes after our session is booked and baby is born I will get a frantic email saying, “I don’t think we can do the session, baby is too bad and I’m way too tired!” I always explain that it isn’t a big deal and that parents can relax on the sofa while I do everything. I work with 3 to 5 newborns per week and have done for over 4 years. I’m very used to all moods of newborns and their many needs.The reason you hired a professional newborn photographer is so you can sit back and get a few hours of reprieve while your photographer creates beautiful memories of your little one! A professional newborn photographer knows how to soothe and calm a newborn, we have many tricks up our sleeve! Parents in my studio often say, “We can’t leave here, this studio is magic” or “Can you come be our night nanny?” Years of experience with newborns helps to make a smooth and comfortable session for you and your newborn. During the session I will let baby guide the session and let us know what they need throughout it. We stop for feeds and lots of cuddles so we can soothe baby!