Frequently Asked Questions of Newborn Photography



How do we schedule an exact date for our session with a rough due date?

 To ensure availability I only book a certain amount of newborns per month to allow for flexibility of early and late births. As the arrival of a newborn is unpredictable I reserve the approximate month of their due date (once you’ve paid the deposit) and ask that you contact me within 48 hours of giving birth to your new arrival and we then schedule an exact date in for our session. Without pre-booking a session I cannot guarantee my availability which is why I recommend booking after your 20 week scan! Those early days pass by in a blur and it is best to organize it beforehand if possible!

When should I do a maternity photography session?

A maternity session is best held from 32 weeks on. I usually do sessions around 33-35 weeks so your bump is the perfect size for showing off!

When should I do a newborn photography session?

Normally I do newborn sessions from 5-14 days old but am starting to extend to 20 days old too as sometimes individual newborns need a bit more time to get used to feeding!

Why don’t you give out all images?

As I carefully edit each individual image, the editing process for your session takes about 10-15 hours. It would be impossible for me to edit all that I take (and some images are just repeats)! I view each photograph as a piece of art rather than just a photo and carefully edit each one, some images take an hour to edit!

When do I get my final images?

I send your soft-edited online gallery within two weeks of our session.

How long does a newborn photography session take?

The length of a newborn session depends on how baby feels on the day! It can take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours if baby is slightly fussier or more awake. The session is completely baby-led and we go by how baby feels.

Which is better- a studio or home newborn photography session?

I highly recommend a studio session as I can offer a more professional, polished and consistent look. At my home studio I have a large real wood backdrop for prop newborn images, a newborn posing beanbag for posed newborn images and a variety of seamless paper backdrops for the family images. I also have consistent natural lighting, sometimes when I go to homes in London, they have very dark light and it can be hard to do my best work with inconsistent lighting.

Do you take family images as well as in the newborn photography session?

Part of the session I photograph family images. This can be against a backdrop in the studio or in a natural environment in your home. I love cuddly family images with the new baby! It is so amazing to capture the first professional family pictures and its so nice to capture both new parents in the images for you to remember forever!

Does your newborn photography session include props?

Yes my newborn photography sessions includes a wide variety of props. I spend a lot of my time finding high-quality, unique and creative props in organic, soft materials. I supply an array of headbands, bonnets, wraps, flokati rugs, posing blankets and wooden props to make our session unique to you. I have props in every colour of the rainbow and love tailoring your session to your colour choices!