Do You Ever Have A Baby That Doesn’t Sleep During A Newborn Session?


I often get asked in a Newborn Photography Session if I ever have really bad babies during a session that won’t sleep and cry the whole time. First off, there are no bad babies-just uncomfortable babies. There is always a reason for their discomfort. Of course, as an experienced newborn photographer that photographs 3-5 newborns per week, I come across every type of baby and am used to all ages of babies. Each baby already has their own little personality even at a week old!

The challenge and fun of my job is figuring out these little personalities and catering to them during the session to get the absolute best images that we can! If we photograph newborns under two weeks there are less things to make a newborn uncomfortable (the incredible wind, gassiness, reflux and colic usually come a bit later) but some are more awake than others. I start by swaddling a newborn to try to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible, with a swaddle they feel like they are in their mum’s womb still (as they have just come out into this big world). I then try to figure out how the newborn is happiest and if they are sleepy. If they are wide awake for awhile we modify the session and adjust based on their mood, we can do awake shots (a parent favourite) and family shots while they are happy and awake. Then as baby gets sleepier the swaddle comes off and we do the fun posed stuff!

Every baby is different and as I run a small bespoke business, each session is tailored to your baby and their mood. We take as long as they need and make sure their comfort is prioritised during their newborn session.

Newborns photography sessions are best held under two weeks old: Email me at to book in your newborn session today! It is best to book while you are still pregnant to guarantee availability!