London Newborn Photography: Do You Provide Props?


All my newborn photography sessions in the studio include use of props! Using props is a huge part of my photography style and parents don’t have to bring a thing (except the clothes on their backs). Over the years I have carefully curated how I want my photography style to look and love to achieve a rustic and colourful look with the use of wooden props, handmade knitted items from the finest quality wool and gorgeous organic fabrics.

Reasons I use props in my sessions:

1.) Props are useful posing aids- Props help make baby comfortable- whether is be with wraps/swaddles, lying in a crate or perfectly positioned on a beanbag, I find all these things aid in my posing process to make baby feel comfortable and happy. Instead of simply lying baby flat in normal clothes, I’m able to replicate the womb with a cosy environment for baby by wrapping them, stuffing props with layers of padding and this helps result in a huge variety of images.

2.) They help capture the style you are after- Props help achieve a certain look you are after, while I veer towards rustic images with wooden floors, props and flowers, there are so many different styles out there and you will know which one you are drawn to when you look through many photographers’ websites. You are also able to achieve the style you are after in a session by choosing which colours you’d like used. I have a long list of colours of props that I have to choose from and every client is able to create their own bespoke session by choosing their favourite colours- either to match their baby’s nursery or just simply because they love them!

3.)Putting babies in buckets is pretty darn cute!

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