Digital Images, Prints or Canvases? Decision, decisions…

_DSC3340 Scrabble letters portrait


Clients always struggle with which to choose so here is my breakdown of the perks of each type of image:


Digital Images: If your main desire for a photography session is to post your pictures on Facebook or other social media sites, then the best fit for you is Digital Images. With digital images you get the freedom to develop your own prints, create various products and proudly show them off on the internet!


Prints: My obsession right now? Gallery walls. I love an eclectic mixture of gilded frames, mirrors and illustrated artworks mixed in with various sizes of beautifully done portrait prints in a sophisticated matting and frame.


Canvas: This is probably my favourite way to display a portrait. I love the clean, elegant look of a massive canvas on a wall. Even better if you display an array of different sized canvas portraits of the whole family!

Which type of product you choose depends on what they will be used for, your decorating style and the timeless memories you want to keep!