London Newborn Photography: A Day In The Life Of A Newborn Photographer


My job is amazing. I am so so grateful I discovered newborn photography and have run a successful business for many years now. I live and breathe newborn photography, so much so that it tends to take over my day! Running a full-time small business all by yourself is time-consuming and takes a lot of hard work. I often have mums in envy of my job when they watch me in a newborn photography session in my studio, however they are only seeing a tiny portion of my day and it isn’t the most glamorous!

Before the session: Before your session I set everything up, I clean the studio and then I set out all the props for your session. I carefully plan the colours you have asked for and plan a session that will flow well for baby and have the easiest transitions for them. This usually takes me an hour to plan out as I love to think of new combinations of prop set ups for my clients. I then answer emails and send receipts. I do all my admin work throughout the day when I can.

Our Session: Our newborn photography session usually lasts 2-3 hours. Depending on the baby it can be shorter or longer. Sessions are quite intense as I not only take photographs but I soothe baby as well so we can get the best possible images. I carefully pose baby in each set up and there can be lots of feeding or nappy change breaks! The studio is quite warm so we can pose baby and have them be comfortable so I am usually very sweaty by the end of a session!

After Your Session: After the session, I put everything away and clean the studio again. I then answer all emails and send receipts again. I then begin the longest part of my day, either editing your session or editing all my other sessions. Editing is the most time consuming part of newborn photography as it requires careful work to get the best possible images. I then write blog posts or do any marketing/advertising that is required for the day!