Dad & Baby: North London Newborn Lifestyle Photography

_DSC3282 Father and Newborn lifestyle session

Father & Baby: Newborn Lifestyle Session Newborn and Father Lifestyle SessionOne of my favourite parts of a newborn session is the family lifestyle portraits. For half the session I just observe parents with their new little one. I find this captures amazing loving moments between parents and baby. The result of watching and shooting is beautiful natural photos that are timeless! Even if you are reluctant, it is so important to be part of your baby’s newborn photos! They are timeless memories that your child will want to see when they are older and will cherish forever.

In this session, dad lovingly interacted with his son while trying to settle him to sleep for some posed shots. Sometimes, these end of being my favourite shots of the session! They evoke beautiful emotion that bubbles during the first few weeks of your newborn’s arrival!