Choosing A Newborn Photographer For Their Style


There are so many newborn photographers in London how do you choose one? Most people choose a photographer based on price. While finding someone within your budget is important and obviously necessary, it is also pertinent that you find a newborn photographer who’s style you connect with. A newborn photographer is not “one size fits all” and you should choose someone who’s work you are drawn to. Every newborn photographer you find will have a portfolio on their website, have a look through the images and see if they suit your style (personal taste, home decor, clothing style etc).

Newborn photographers can vary from simple lifestyle (no props), clean and minimal, rustic, organic, vintage, colourful and use lots of props. Why is it important to find a newborn photographer that suits your style? While most newborn photographers will try to accommodate special requests, asking them to do something completely different than their style will perhaps make them feel uncomfortable or you won’t be happy in the end. Newborn photographers work hard to develop their portfolio and their natural personality and style does come out. For example, I am currently engaged and looking for a wedding photographer. I love dark and moody images with a heavy emphasis on scenery. Would I hire a photographer who has bright and airy images and ask them to do something different? Nope.

In order for you to be happy with your images it is best to choose a photographer by carefully examining their portfolio. I sometimes get asked to carry out a session that is completely not my style (I love rustic, vintage, organic props and a bit of colour with a bit of natural posing thrown in) and while I do my best to accommodate requests, I don’t always feel comfortable doing a session that doesn’t match my style. Do you like the poses they do, the props they use, the colours etc? By carefully choosing a newborn photographer based on personal taste you will ensure that you are happy with your little one’s images!